Combat TRaining

We offer classes for all skill levels and abilities. Do not be worried if you are not the most competitive or the best at anything, training is to teach... not for judgement.

Suggested Equipment

*Mouthpiece (mandatory for sparring or contact.)

*Boxing/MMA style gloves
*Hand Wraps
*Athletic Cup

*Drive to succeed

Training begins Monday - Thursday beginning at 5pm, with Open Mat time on Friday at 5pm stretching and warm-ups are encouraged. Each instructor carries different class times, click on the instructor’s name to learn their in-house training schedule.

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Olympus Fitness
1712 Lincoln Highway
North Versailles, Pennsylvania 15137


Adam Hartman

Jeremy Kosicek

CJ Crudo

Kids Kickboxing:
Joshua Sickels

Olympus Boxing / MMA

Ran in conjunction with the Brute Squad Fight Team